In Memoriam

The Financial Services Authority (“FSA”) is mourning the sudden passing of its Chief Executive Officer; Dr. Steve Fanny who tragically left us on Friday 12th March, 2021.

Primarily, our thoughts and prayers go out to Dr. Fanny’s close family members and children to whom he was a devoted father.

For all the FSA staff, he was an inspirational leader and mentor. Dr. Fanny was extremely passionate about the organisation and all its employees, displaying an unmatched drive for excellence and professional development within the workplace and beyond.

For the Seychelles’ financial services industry as a whole, Dr. Fanny will always be remembered as a larger than life character and a champion of the industry, its practitioners and its ethos.

For the country, Dr. Fanny has been a significant contributor in propelling the Seychelles and the industry to greater heights in his different roles with the FSA (formerly SIBA) as CEO and also Chairman of the FSA Board and with the Ministry of Finance as Principal Secretary amongst his other roles. 

The FSA would like to thank everyone for the outpour of well-wishes and sympathy from which we draw comfort in this instance.

Financial Services Authority

Should you wish to send your condolences and sympathies to the FSA family please do so through the following email address, where your messages will be viewed by all our staff and the management team.

Questionnaire for Policy holders

This survey is an initiative of the Financial Services Authority to assess the impact of COVID-19 on the insurance sector in Seychelles and understand how businesses have responded to the pandemic. We will compile this information in a report, highlighting key trends and opportunities for the sector that arise out of the pandemic. The data will solely be used for the purpose of the research and will remain confidential.

Attachment can be downloaded below

FSA Enhanced measured vis‐à‐vis the COVID‐19 Situation – Temporary Closure of FSA Offices

In light of the evolving situation concerning the COVID‐19 pandemic in the Seychelles and considering the health and wellbeing of the its staff, licensees, stakeholders and their families as a whole, the Financial Services Authority (“FSA”) has deemed it necessary to adopt certain strengthened measures vis‐à‐vis its day to day operations until further notice.

In accordance with new measures put in place by the Department of Health, in an effort to restrict access and movement of the persons to and from the FSA’s offices, the FSA offices at Bois de Rose and Providence will remain closed as of Thursday 9, 2020 until further notice. The FSA will advise as soon as possible with respect to modified work practices such as document drop‐off, delivery and a revised opening hours’ timetable.

The FSA strongly recommends that at this juncture all licensees and stakeholders similarly adopt enhanced/ escalated measures in line with recommendations recently issues by the Department of Health with respect to the restriction of the movement of people and social distancing. In this regard we reiterate recommendations made in past FSA communications that licensees make use of electronic resources in communications to the FSA and other bodies so as to help in the containment of the present situation.

Be advised that the FSA will be providing updates via its website and email as and when these are possible.

Financial Services Authority

Communiqué No 2 of 2022 - Acting Chief Executive Officer

The Financial Services Authority, Seychelles (“FSA”) wishes to inform the licensees and other stakeholders that Ms. Zenabe Daman, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the FSA, is currently undertaking the role of acting Chief Executive Officer of the FSA.

The FSA has initiated the due process with regards to the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”). To that end, as the FSA has published the vacancy inviting the submission of applications by interested persons for the post of CEO. The publishing of the vacancy started as of Monday the 25th of July where it shall remain open until the 5th August, 2022.

The FSA would like to thank all licensees and stakeholders for their continued support during this process.  

Financial Services Authority

Update on the COVID‐19 Situation – Resumption of normal office hours

In line with the recent developments and announcements made by the Seychelles Department of Health concerning the extension of duration of the Orders issued by the Public Health Commissioner, including but not limited to, the Infectious Disease (Prohibition of Outdoor Movement) Order to May 4th, 2020 the Financial Services Authority (“FSA”) has revised the strengthened measures put in place with regards to its day‐to‐day operations, specifically with respect to its office opening hours.

Kindly be informed that as from Monday May 4th, 2020 the FSA will be resuming its normal opening hours where its offices will be open following the closure enforced as a result of the Orders issued by the Public Health Commissioner.

Be advised that whilst FSA will be resuming its normal opening hours and maintaining its commitment to meet its normal service standards to licensees and other stakeholders, it would like to remind all parties that the recommendations as issued by the relevant Authorities particularly the maintenance of physical distancing amongst others are still relevant and of paramount importance as the fight against the pandemic continues.

As highlighted by its previous communications related to the pandemic, the FSA is still encouraging the use of digital modes of communication for the conduct of certain transactions such as the submission of documents and the settling of payments. The FSA will continue to monitor the situation and will provide updates via its website and email as and when these available.

Financial Services Authority

FSA Statement regarding COVID‐19 for the Insurance Sector

In order to protect public health during the COVID‐19 pandemic, the Seychelles Government has announced considerable restrictions on the movement of people to prevent the spread of the virus as well as minimizing the impact on business activities required for our country’s economy. The announcements have highlighted that only entities necessary to provide “essential services” are permitted to operate.

FSA Statement regarding COVID‐19

The Financial Services Authority (“FSA”) is continuously monitoring the COVID‐19 outbreak and its effects on its operations as well as on the operations of the different licensees, market participants and sectors under its purview. It is important to note whilst the situation concerning the global pandemic continues to evolve at a rapid pace, the health and wellbeing of our staff, licensees and stakeholders and their families remain an absolute priority for the FSA.

Keeping of Accounting Records by International Business Companies

The Registrar of International Business Companies (“Registrar”) as part of its mandate to ensure compliance with the International Business Companies Act 2016 as amended (“IBC Act”) would like to advise all international corporate service providers that it would be commencing a testing program in relation with section 174 of the IBC Act, which relates to keeping of accounting information. This is to also ensure that such records are accessible by competent Authorities upon request.


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