Alert: Huobi Global Limited (194154)

This notice is issued by the Financial Services Authority ("FSA") pursuant to section 4(1)(m) of the Financial Services Authority Act, 2003 in relation to the International Business Company ("IBC"), Huobi Global Limited with company number 194154 incorporated pursuant to the International Business Companies Act, 2016 (“IBC Act”).
Through information available in the public domain, Huobi Global Limited appears to be affiliated with an online trading platform for virtual assets, namely “Huobi Global”, and is soliciting investors and customers through its website:
The FSA hereby informs the public that Huobi Global Limited does not hold, nor has it ever been issued with, any license or authorization by the Seychelles FSA, to undertake any virtual asset (VA) or virtual asset service providers (VASP) related activities. Therefore, the entity is currently not being regulated for these activities by the FSA nor has it been regulated in the past.
The public is further informed as to the fact that Huobi Global Limited was struck off the Register of International Business Companies, on the 13th October, 2023, in accordance with section 272(b)(ii) of the IBC Act for failing to have a registered agent.
In light section 274(1) of the IBC Act, Huobi Global Limited is not allowed to, amongst other things, carry on any business, deal with the assets of the company in any way or act in any way with respect to the affairs of the company.
The effect of the striking off does not prevent:
a) Huobi Global Limited from incurring liabilities;
b) any creditor from making a claim against Huobi Global Limited and pursuing the claim through to judgment or execution; or
c) the Financial Intelligence Unit, Seychelles Revenue Commission or any other governmental body from making a claim against Huobi Global Limited under a written law of Seychelles and pursuing a claim through to judgement or execution,
and does not affect the liability of any of its member, directors, other officers or agents.
The FSA strongly urges investors and members of the public to exercise caution in respect to the VA and VASP services offered by Huobi Global Limited where they are held out as being regulated in the Seychelles.

The Financial Services Authority

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