Acceptance of Notice of Intent to become an Approved Service Provider

The Financial Services Authority (“the Authority”), would like to notify the general public of its acceptance of notice for outsourcing of compliance from individuals who intend to become an approved service provider for licensees under the Securities Act, 2007 and Mutual Fund and Hedge Fund Act, 2008.

This notice coincides with the publication of the “Code on Outsourcing of Compliance Function” whereby the Authority wishes to encourage the submission of applications from individuals who are prepared to conduct this function as a third party.

Any individual who wishes to be approved to undertake this function may forward their notice to the Authority. If approval is granted, the service provider’s information will be listed on the website to ease the identification of already approved service providers by licensees.

The notification form (Appendix 1 of the Code) must be submitted along with the Personal Questionnaire Form, completed by the proposed service provider. This is an effort to increase access to qualified individuals to undertake the compliance function of licensees.

The Financial Services Authority

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