Appointment in Post of Leadership Team

In line with the organisation’s strategic realignment to create a modern and well-structured organization, the FSA is pleased to announce the following appointments in its leadership team effective as from Monday 1st August;

  • Paul Robert – Director Policy, Research & Statistics
  • Randolf Samson – Director, AML/CFT
  • Garry Jupiter – Director, Insurance, Gambling & Pension
  • Hazel Lafortune - Director, Fiduciary Supervision
  • Taryn Auguste – Director, Legal
  • Maryline Joseph – Director, Risk Management and Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Lissa Bristol - Director, Corporate Communications
  • Esther Boniface – Head of Corporate Affairs
  • Vithya Naidoo – Manager Human Resources

The following posts remains unchanged;

  • Leo Alexander – Director, Capital Markets, Collective Investment Schemes & Fintech
  • Karl Herminie – Director, International Trade Zone & Hire Purchase
  • Lisa Lautoy – Director, Registry
  • Elizabeth Bodwell – Director, Finance
  • Ammu Chetty – Internal Audit Manager
  • Jean Claude Thelermont – Director Information System
  • Pascal Marie – Director Facilities & Logistic

In carrying out its regulatory and supervisory function, it is imperative for the Authority to adopt new strategies to ensure the effective running of its internal operations.  It is with this principle in mind that the FSA remains committed in its quest to maintain a high level of service standard within the organisation. We will continue to fulfil our responsibility to safeguard the future of the financial services in Seychelles.

Financial Services Authority