Ms. Taryn Auguste

Ms. Taryn Auguste

Director Legal

In 2011, Taryn joined the Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA), the predecessor of the Financial Services Authority (SIBA) as a Legal Officer within the Legal and Compliance Section and was subsequently promoted to Legal Manager in 2017 and then to Director Legal in August 2020.

She holds a Bachelor of Law with Honours (LLB) from the University of Mauritius.

Legal Unit

The main function of the Legal Unit is to provide legal support to the FSA. Additionally, the Legal Unit is responsible for the preparation of laws and regulations for the development of the non-bank financial services sector, the drafting and review of contracts, MoUs and other legal documents for the organisation, to provide legal opinions and interpretations on laws being administered by the FSA and where necessary liaise with other relevant sections for enforcement and other regulatory actions to be undertaken.

Keeping abreast of national and international legal developments in the field of non-bank financial services is an important aspect of the Legal Unit’s work as well as ensuring that the FSA’s interests are represented and protected in any legal action.

The Legal Unit is essential in ensuring that the legal rights of the organisation of the FSA are safeguarded and that the organisation’s laws and policies are aligned to all legal and regulatory norms with no negative impact on the organisation’s operations and reputation.


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