Ms. Lisa Lautoy

Ms. Lisa Lautoy

Director Registry

Lisa has over 10 years’ experience working within the Registry Department of the FSA. She joined the Financial Services Authority (previously known as SIBA) in December 2008, as the Senior Corporate and Customer Services Officer within the Corporate Section where her job focused mainly on overseeing the different process of the products administered by the section in line with the respective legislations. In 2017, she left the FSA and joined the private sector where she acquired further experience in the financial services industry. She returned to FSA in 2018, where she held the post of Registry Manager until recently when she was promoted to the post of Director of the section. Lisa holds a BA in Justice Studies from Edith Cowan University and a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Law from De Mont Fort University.

Registry Section

The Registry Section administers the legislations under which the FSA’s Chief Executive Officer or the FSA is mandated to act as the Registrar. The Section administers the following legislations;

  • The International Business Companies Act, 2016
  • The Foundations Act, 2009
  • The International Trusts Act, 1994
  • The Limited Partnerships Act, 2003

The Section is responsible for maintaining the registers for the different entities and International Trusts in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislations. The main duties and responsibilities of the Registry Section is the registration of specified entities in accordance with the relevant legislations. The section is also responsible for post-registration transactions. These include payment of the annual fees, amendments to the constitutional documents, dissolutions, mergers, filing of register of directors, Certificates of Good Standing and Official Searches.


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