Ms. Dedrey Serret

Ms. Dedrey Serret

Director Insurance, Gambling & Pension Supervision

Dedrey joined the Financial Services Authority in 2015 as a Supervision Officer within the Insurance Section. In 2021 she was promoted to the post of Supervision Manager and was subsequently promoted to Director of Insurance, Gambling and Pension Supervision in April 2022.
She holds a Bachelor Degree in International Business with Honours (BSc) from the University of London and a Diploma from the Chartered Insurance Institute.

Insurance, Gambling & Pension Section

The Insurance, Gambling and Pension Supervision Section supervises and regulates insurance, gambling and pension businesses and intermediaries in accordance with the Insurance Act, 2008 Seychelles Gambling Act, 2014 and the FSA Act, 2013. The mandates of the Section are as follows:

  • Regulating and co-coordinating activities of insurers, insurance intermediaries and gambling operators
  • Supervision and monitoring of insurers,insurance intermediaries and gambling operators
  • Co-coordinating and implementing policies on insurance, gambling and pension matters
  • Specifying the code of conduct for members of the insurance, and gamblingindustries
  • Formulating standards in the conduct of the insurance and gambling business
  • Protecting the interests of policyholders

As per the Financial Sector Development Implementation Plan (“FSDIP”), there is a need to extend the FSA’s prudential and market conduct regulations to the Seychelles Pension Fund to ensure the continuity of national pension payments and the Seychelles’ market stability and financial soundness. The Financial Services Authority has been grated the mandate of oversight of the Seychelles Pension Fund and the overall Pension sector. However, the section is yet to start regulating the pension fund sector in view that the necessary legislative amendments allowing the transfer are still pending.

The Section comprise of two units, the authorisations section and the supervision section. The authorisation section is responsible for the processing of licence applications, conducting fit and proper assessments on principal officers, renewal, surrender of licence, review, and approve products. Whereas, the supervision section is responsible for complaints handling, plan and conduct on-site and off-site inspections duties, which includes analysis of audited financial reports, actuarial reporting, business plans, collect and consolidate statistics including the quarterly returns forms, review, update supervisory regulations, and procedures in accordance to international best practice.


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