Mr. Leo Alexander

Mr. Leo Alexander

Director Capital Markets, Collective Investment Schemes & Fintech Innovation

Leo Alexander holds a first degree from the University College of London, BSc in Computer Science. Mr. Alexander joined the FSA, then SIBA in 2005 as an IT Manager and in 2010 became the Business Analyst. He has over the years acquired relevant experience, knowledge and skills in the industry, where he has held various positions. In 2012, Mr. Alexander was promoted to Director of ITZ and in 2020, he was promoted to Director of Capital Markets, Collective Investment Schemes and Fintech Innovation.

Capital Markets & Collective Investment Schemes Supervision Section

The Capital Markets & Collective Investment Schemes Supervision Section (CM&CISSS) is responsible for the regulation and supervision of entities licensed under the Securities Act, 2007, and the Mutual Fund and Hedge Fund Act, 2008. As such, the CM&CISSS regulates both the securities markets in the Seychelles and collective investments schemes business in or from the Seychelles. The CM&CISSS also actively explores the boundaries of regulation in a bid to develop the market, improve efficiency and to effectively protect financial consumers.

The primary objectives of the FSA as the Securities Authority are:

  • the protection of investors;
  • ensuring that markets are fair, efficient and transparent;
  • the protection of the good repute of the Seychelles as an international financial service center; and
  • working with other regulatory agencies to ensure mitigation of systemic risk.

Fintech Innovation

The Fintech Innovation Supervision Section (FIS) is responsible for the oversight of the regulatory sandbox set up under the Financial Services Authority (Regulatory Sandbox Exemption) Regulations, 2019. The regulatory sandbox allows for the small-scale testing of innovative products and services in a controlled environment (operating under a special exemption, allowance, or other limited, time-bound exception) with real customers under the regulator’s oversight. In its administration of the regulatory sandbox the Authority is able to gain a deeper understanding of innovation trends in capital markets and explore the boundaries of emerging products and services. This will allow it to better assess the opportunities and risks whilst promoting innovation in the capital markets in Seychelles. The FIS also serves as the principal point of contact within the Authority for matters relating to Fintech regulation and makes technical contributions to internal and national policy development on the subject. It is also the liaison section with the Global Financial Innovation Network (GFIN) and coordinates any work output and other collaborative endeavors with the body and its members.