Appointment of New Members on the Capital Markets & Collective Investment Schemes Working Group Committee

The FSA is pleased to announce that new members has been appointed on the Capital Markets & Collective Investment Schemes Working Group Committee (“the Committee”). The committee was set up to further develop the capital markets and collective investment schemes industry in Seychelles and foster collaboration between the regulator and the industry.

The Committee’s main objectives among others, are to consider and assess the introduction of new products to the market, propose policy decisions with respect to product development and training and review and recommend changes to the current regulatory regime that governs the sector. The first meeting of the committee was held on the 22nd July, 2021.

Chaired by the CEO of the FSA, Mr. Damien Thesee, the Committee is composed of FSA’s technical staff and the following 8 members from the industry:

  • Bobby Brantley
  • Charbel Raffoul
  • Nico Ackermann
  • Sudhanshu Agarwal
  • Nicole Chang-Sam
  • Michelle L. Brantley
  • Tira Simeon
  • Malika Jivan

The appointed members shall serve on the Committee for a period of 2 years and they shall endeavor to meet at least once every 3 months.

The Authority takes this opportunity to thank the members for accepting its invitation of appointment and extend a warm welcome to them. The Authority counts on all members’ active participation and commitment to assist the Committee to achieve its objectives.

This is a step forward and these initiatives will ensure that the Authority and the industry practitioners remains engaged in an effort to collectively grow this industry. This comes at a time, where the need for diversification of products are essential and evident. Other committees of similar nature will be set up in the coming months for the other products, whereby product development and issues affecting their businesses will be discussed and new strategies can be formed for the betterment of the industry as a whole.

Financial Services Authority