Surrender of the Licensee of Trust & Fiduciary Services Limited

The Financial Services Authority, hereby  informs the public that Trust & Fiduciary Services Limited, having its registered address at Angel Fish Bayside, Roche Caiman, Mahe, Seychelles has surrendered  its International Corporate Services license pursuant to Section 30 of the Financial Services Authority Act, 2013 (‘‘FSA Act’’) on March 27th ,2015.


Therefore pursuant to Section 4(1) (m) of the FSA Act, the public is hereby notified that the company Trust & Fiduciary Services Limited no longer holds the following licenses:


  • International Corporate Services Licence No. ICS 010;
  • International Trustee Services License No. ITS 007; and
  • Foundation Services License No. FS 006



Financial Services Authority

Bois De Rose Avenue


P.O Box 991


May 19th, 2015


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